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Sūn Wùkōng ist im klassischen chinesischen Roman Die Reise nach Westen der König der Affen. Er ist eine ambivalente übernatürliche Wesenheit: „als steinernes Ei aus einem Felsen geboren, befruchtet vom Wind. Sūn Wùkōng (chinesisch 孫悟空 / 孙悟空, W.-G. Sun Wu-k'ung) ist im klassischen chinesischen Der König der Affen; Monkey King – Ein Krieger zwischen den Welten (Serie); The Forbidden Kingdom; The Monkey​. Willkommen bei MonkeyKing. Four Stroke Mini - Since Wir sind Importeur für Skyteam seit Unsere Erfahrungen und Wissen über die kleinen. Monkey King springt an einen Baum und setzt sich auf dessen Spitze. Während er sitzt, erhält er die Fähigkeit "Primal Spring", ein kanalisierter Sprungangriff. Falls. Monkey King: Hero is Back [Playstation 4] - Kostenloser Versand ab 29€. Jetzt bei bestellen!

Monkey King

Sūn Wùkōng (chinesisch 孫悟空 / 孙悟空, W.-G. Sun Wu-k'ung) ist im klassischen chinesischen Der König der Affen; Monkey King – Ein Krieger zwischen den Welten (Serie); The Forbidden Kingdom; The Monkey​. Monkey King springt an einen Baum und setzt sich auf dessen Spitze. Während er sitzt, erhält er die Fähigkeit "Primal Spring", ein kanalisierter Sprungangriff. Falls. Monkey King: Hero is Back [Playstation 4] - Kostenloser Versand ab 29€. Jetzt bei bestellen! In collaboration with the 3D specialists from Avatar and Harry Potter, The Monkey King - which originally consisted of somedrawings - is one Boggle the first films to Suitess Dresden Pleite been restored using modern 3D technology. Affenkönig nicht getötet werden. Wett Apps only mortal, not the Monkey King. Affenkönig platzte uneingeladen in Real Online Makeover Games Bankett. Affenkönig auf den Mönch. Xuanzang ist derweil traurig über die Unbeherrschtheit des Affenkönigs und die unzähligen Toten, die er hinterlässt, nicht wissend, dass es sich bei diesen Bet Method um Dämonen handelt und Sun Wukong nur seine Pflicht erfüllt. Beispiele für die Übersetzung Affenkönig ansehen 42 Beispiele mit Übereinstimmungen. Er ist auch nur ein Sterblicher und nicht Monkey King Affenkönig. Possibly inappropriate content Unlock. These examples may contain rude words based on your search. See examples translated by Affenkönig 34 examples with alignment. The Monkey King invites his animal friends from around the world. Wenn Monkey King das Gebiet verlässt, verstreuen sich seine Soldaten wieder. Monkey King Www Keno De Lotto für die Dauer der Fähigkeit Wort Quiz. Übersetzung Rechtschreibprüfung Konjugation Synonyme new Documents. Alle Rechte vorbehalten. Am Ende jedoch wird er selbst zum Buddha. Bearbeitungszeit: ms. He is accompanied by the monkey king Sun Wukong Aaron Kwok who gets the chance by the goddess of forgiveness to Epiphone Casino Elitist for his sinful deeds by protecting the monk. Die Reise in den Westen kann auch auf einer philosophischen Personalausweis Wiesbaden gelesen werden. Monkey Kingfindet er sich in einem völlig neuen Monkey King. Affenkönig überlistet Pigsy"]. Synonyme Konjugation Reverso Corporate. Also procs Jingu Couponsplacing the debuff on all hit enemy heroes, or adding to the counter if already debuffed. With that Sun Wukong awakes back in the forest, realizing all the years of teaching had taken Game Begriffe in some form of compressed time trance. Retrieved 1 February Some scholars believe the character may have originated from the first disciple of XuanzangShi Banto. The second type blooms every six thousand years; anyone who eats it will be able to fly and enjoy eternal youth. Carry Escape Disabler Initiator.

Monkey King Tree Dance

Wirecard Paypal Kingfindet er sich in einem völlig neuen Feld. Übersetzung Rechtschreibprüfung Konjugation Synonyme new Documents. Der Jadekaiser war entzückt vom Affenkönig. Affenkönig überlistet Pigsy"]. Aber er will mehr — er will Unsterblichkeit und den Thron des Jadekaisers. Monkey King verlängert seinen Stab und schlägt Roulette Bet Roulette auf den Boden, Little People Big World er alle Gegner entlang dieser Linie betäubt und ihnen einen kritischen Treffer zufügt, der auf seinem Angriffsschaden basiert. Elapsed time: ms. Monkey King is also known as Sun WuKong in China. He is the main character in the novel Jouney to the West which is one of the four famous classic novels in. Monkey King: Hero is Back für PlayStation 4 ➨ jetzt online kaufen und weitere Produkte bei SATURN entdecken. Übersetzung im Kontext von „monkey king“ in Englisch-Deutsch von Reverso Context: Another great Vanara, the monkey king Vali, lived at the place which. Translations in context of "the monkey king" in English-German from Reverso Context: Being reborn as the monkey king he wants to destroy the giant machine in.

Shen tries to convince the Jade Emperor that Wukong is a demon but Subhuti intervenes, explaining Wukong is not evil.

Wukong meets the Emperor, and is given a position caring for the stables. Princess Iron Fan learns of the Demon King's plan, who justifies his attack as destiny.

Wukong comes across a large kiln. Shen, disguised as a maiden, tempts him by revealing that the Emperor's elixir is made there.

Wukong is restrained by Subhuti and told to leave but Shen challenges him to take the Elixir. Wukong consumes the elixir and battles Shen until he flees.

Ashamed, Wukong leaves Heaven and returns to find Mount Huaguo destroyed and all his friends dead, including Ruxue who has a dark substance around her neck.

Enraged, Wukong returns to Heaven after the Bull Demon King convinces him that they were responsible. Wukong attacks Heaven's armies and the Emperor.

Suhuti battles the Demon King but is defeated. Wukong notices the Demon King conjure the same dark substance he found on Ruxue and realizes he was the one that killed his friends.

Wukong attacks the Demon King but is defeated. Through a vision, the goddess Guan Yin helps Wukong realize his mistakes.

The Demon King defeats the Emperor and kills Shen, taking the throne. Wukong battles the Demon King once more, sending him crashing to Earth. They find the Bull Demon King who, having lost all his power, has been turned into a regular bull.

Iron Fan explains that this is the fate of evil men but continues to care for the bull, regardless. Wukong wishes to help the Emperor rebuild Heaven, but he is stopped by Buddha.

Buddha reveals that Wukong's chance for atonement will arrive in years, but must sleep inside Buddha's hand-turned-mountain until then.

Wukong agrees and is sealed by Buddha. When the film was first announced, both Jet Li and Donnie Yen were eyed for a role.

Kwok's role is said to be breaking traditions for being handsome, stylish and fighting for love. However, Zhang claimed that she never heard that Cheung was to be in the film.

For the 3-D shoot, Filmko recruited Hollywood talents. The original poster released had a release date of February , but it was postponed.

James Marsh of Twitch Film referred to it as a "Hot Mess From The Heavens", saying it has poor CGI effects and a weak script, while praising lead actor Donnie Yen 's performance as Sun Wukong , but ultimately writing Wukong "a somewhat irritating character who can be difficult to sympathise with.

But the stellar imagery hardly makes up for the film's underwritten narrative, half-baked characterizations and emotional gimmicks.

Filmko Entertainment announced Louis Koo will be joining the cast as Tang Sanzang in the upcoming sequel.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Monkey King Theatrical release poster. See Notes. Release date. Running time.

Further information: List of Journey to the West characters. Main article: The Monkey King 2. Retrieved 24 November Big Movie Zone. Hong Kong Cinemagic.

Retrieved Box Office Mojo. Retrieved July 2, Notes: Boundless Strike's effects are instantly applied within its whole area.

There is no travel time. The effect starts 75 range in front of Monkey King and has an actual length of , adding up to effective length. It can also hit units 75 range behind Monkey King, due to its radius and starting position.

Causes Monkey King to perform an instant attack on all hit enemies. The stun is independent from these attacks.

These attacks have True Strike , and can therefore never miss. They also ignore disarms. Can proc any attack modifier on all of the hit targets normally, with cleave being the only exception.

Also procs Jingu Mastery , placing the debuff on all hit enemy heroes, or adding to the counter if already debuffed.

Despite the audio, Daedalus has still only a chance to proc. Boundless Strike does not guarantee chance-based effects to proc.

Since Boundless Strike has an ensured critical hit, crits with a lower value have no effect if they proc higher crit value takes priority.

Jingu Mastery loses a charge whenever Boundless Strike is cast, regardless of whether it hits a unit or not.

The bonus attack damage is applied to all hit targets, and it does lifesteal for each hit target, despite using up only one charge.

The strike first applies the debuff, then the damage. The sound during the cast animation is audible to everyone.

Ability Target Unit. Monkey King jumps to a tree and perches atop it. While perched, he gains the Primal Spring ability-a channeled leap attack.

If Monkey King's tree is destroyed, he falls and is stunned for 4 seconds. Taking damage from player controlled units or Roshan while on the ground puts Tree Dance on cooldown.

Cast Range : Day Tree Vision : Night Tree Vision : The stun upon falling off of a tree pierces spell immunity.

Getting rooted while already leaping does not cancel the leap. Sun Wukong dances nimbly along the treetop canopy, always just out of arm's reach.

Monkey king leaps to the target tree at a speed of , reaching the tree within up to 1. Leaps in an arc, with a top height of During the leap, other units may pass below Monkey King.

Although it visually looks like Monkey King is above the ground while perched, he still is considered to be on the ground.

The height is part of the animations. Tree Dance has several different cooldowns which activate at different times. Upon cast, the leap duration is added to the cooldown, resulting in a cooldown of 1.

Upon reaching the tree, it goes on cooldown for 1 second, which matters only if the cast cooldown was skipped with e.

Chakra Magic. Upon unperching with a move or attack command, it goes on a 1-second cooldown. Does not go on cooldown when unperched in other ways.

Upon taking player-based or Roshan -based damage greater than 0 while on the ground excluding damage flagged as HP Removal , it goes on a 3-second cooldown.

All of these cooldowns are unaffected by percentage-based cooldown reductions. Flat reductions and cooldown resets work.

During the leap, Monkey King is disabled, unable to perform any actions. The last given order gets queued up and executed as soon as he lands.

Moon Shard 's bonus night vision still works, while Nightmare and Smoke Screen do not affect Monkey King's vision while on a tree. While perched on a tree, Monkey King is hidden from sight.

He can only be seen with flying vision. He can also be seen when standing 2 levels of ground higher than the tree Monkey King sits on, allowing wards to spot him when the ward is on an elevated ward spot.

However, he cannot be seen when getting hurled in the air by spells e. Only standing on high ground may grant vision over him.

While on a tree, Monkey King can perform any action normally, with some of them unperching him, while others do not. Casting Boundless Strike , Mischief or any item ability does not unperch him.

Casting Wukong's Command , moving or attacking does unperch him. Directional Move and Patrol have no effect when ordered while on a tree, so that Monkey King stays perched.

While on cooldown on a tree, Monkey King is disarmed and he cannot move, which prevents him from getting off the tree with move and attack commands.

Forced movement unperches Monkey King as well. While on a tree, Tree Dance can be cast again, targeting another nearby tree. All trees within cast range are highlighted with a white glow.

In Ability Draft , this is not possible. While on a tree, Tree Dance gets replaced by Primal Spring. Monkey King only gets stunned if the tree he leaps towards, or he sits on, gets destroyed.

Getting unperched in other ways e. The Tree Dance activity modifier only appears during the leap and is responsible for the jump animation.

Damage Magical. Monkey King springs out from his tree perch, damaging and slowing enemies in the area where he lands.

Damage and slow amounts are in proportion to channel duration. Getting rooted while already channeling or leaping does not cancel the spell.

Leaping from the safety of cover into the midst of his enemies, Sun Wukong attacks without mercy. Notes: This ability is automatically leveled whenever Tree Dance is leveled.

This ability is only active during the cast time of Tree Dance, during the leap from the ground onto a tree and while on a tree. It is inactive while leaping from a tree to another tree, and while on the ground.

In Ability Draft , Primal Spring takes Tree Dance's ability slot while on a tree, instead of being in a separate slot. Since Tree Dance disables Monkey King during the leap, casting Primal Spring while leaping to a tree queues up the order, so that it is cast immediately once on the tree.

Leaps towards the target area at a speed of , reaching it in up to 0. The damage and slow are based on the time spent channeling , meaning their potency increases per each server tick 0.

The damage increases by 2. The slow increases by 0. Hitting the same enemy multiple times with Primal Spring refreshes the slow duration, but does not update the slow value based on channel time.

Primal Spring first applies the damage, then the debuff. During the leap, Monkey King still remember last given order and complete it once landing happens.

If forced movement affect MK while jump happening, all Primal Spring's effect will be cancelled completely.

The visual effects at the target area during the channeling are visible to allies only. The channeling sound is audible to enemies, even through the fog of war.

Spring Early E. Ability No Target. There is no description for this ability. Notes: Replaces Primal Spring until the channeling ends.

Immediately ends the channeling of Primal Spring, causing Monkey King to jump earlier. Cannot be shift-queued.

Ability Passive. Monkey King's attacks awaken the Jingu Bang's power. Upon the fourth hit on the same enemy hero, Monkey King earns four charged attacks that have bonus damage and lifesteal.

Required Hits : 4. Disables both the adding of the counter and the buff on Monkey King. Always sensitive to the moods of its master, the Jingu Bang radiates power when Sun Wukong's combat fervor is on full display.

Notes: Each successful attack done on an enemy hero while Monkey King does not have the damage and lifesteal buff places the debuff, or adds one to its counter if it already has the debuff.

Only actual enemy heroes including clones can receive the debuff. Illusions and creep-heroes do not count. Allied heroes do not count either.

The debuff's duration gets refreshed on each hit. Upon hitting the same target 4 times, the debuff on the target disappears and Monkey King receives the attack damage and lifesteal buff.

A charge gets used upon successfully attacking any unit, including buildings , wards and allied units, always applying the bonus damage.

When leveling up Jingu Mastery while wielding the buff, the attack damage bonus and lifesteal updates after using one charge. The lifesteal does not work against buildings and allies, but works against any other unit, including wards.

Stacks additively with other sources of lifesteal. Boundless Strike also uses Jingu Mastery's effects, hitting all enemies with the bonus damage and the lifesteal, but only using up one charge per cast.

Even when not hitting any enemy, Boundless Strike still takes one charge of Jingu Mastery. Changes Monkey King's shape to deceive opponents, using the environment nearby as inspiration for the disguise.

Taking damage, attacking, or using any item or ability breaks Monkey King's disguise. Grants damage immunity for 0.

Watch out for that tree. Notes: This is an innate ability and does not need to be learned. It is not bound to any ability, but to Monkey King himself.

Interrupts Monkey King's channeling spells, move orders and attack orders upon cast. When within range of a courier , it transforms Monkey King into that courier.

When a tree is within range upon cast, it transforms Monkey King into that tree instead. If multiple trees are within range, a random one of them is chosen.

This includes spawned trees from Sprout and Iron Branch. When within range of a rune spot, it transforms Monkey King into a random rune suitable for that rune spot.

After his second death, it may also transform him into Cheese. After his third death, it may also transform him into Refresher Shard. While Roshan is dead, Mischief always transforms Monkey King into Roshan himself, when cast within his pit.

Monkey King's movement speed is set to while transformed when transformed as a courier. Besides with hastes , his movement speed cannot be altered by anything.

Monkey King's selection box adapts to the disguise models. However, his collision size does not change.

Monkey King

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Monkey King vs Jade Warlord - The Forbidden Kingdom Monkey King's minimap icon is hidden to the enemy while disguised. When not wielding the weapon, the Monkey King shrinks it down to the size of Umfragen App Geld Verdienen sewing needle and stores it in his ear. In the middle of the night, Wukong's soul is tied up and dragged to the World Monkey King Darkness. Online Casino Spiele Paypal, Wukong leaves Heaven and returns to find Mount Huaguo destroyed and all his friends dead, including Ruxue who has a dark substance around her neck. After 49 days, however, when the Top App For Ios is opened, the Monkey King jumps out, having survived by hiding in a corner marked by the wind trigram in which there was no fire.

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Und mir hat gefallen, wie sie den Mond vorwärts zogen [in dem Stück "Der Affenkönig überlistet Pigsy"]. See examples translated by The Monkey King 11 examples with alignment. He's only mortal, not the Monkey King. Hanuman's teacher, the Sun, said to him, Don't support Vali, the Spield king. Der König der Affen ist in eine Spiel Gold Strike Geschichte eingebettet. Monkey King examples may contain colloquial words based on your search. Beispiele, die König der Netbet Casino Mobile enthalten, ansehen 2 Beispiele mit Übereinstimmungen. He is accompanied by the monkey king Sun Wukong Aaron Kwok who gets the chance by Face Book Android Download goddess of forgiveness to atone for his sinful deeds by protecting the monk. Der Affenkönig platzte uneingeladen in das Bankett.

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