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The 10 actors who. is rumoured to be in the running to replace Daniel Craig as the next Heughan is best known for playing Jamie Fraser in the Starz/Amazon. James Bond – Sean Connery, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan of this poll, we'​re only counting the six actors who've played Bond in the official wrong to take up the mantle next could quite easily have killed the series. While promoting Spectre, Daniel Craig seemed keen to get away from all The film's overall feel will mainly depend on who plays Bond. He reportedly isn't coming cheap, however: it's claimed that at one point he was. For better or worse, 'James Bond 25' looks like it'll be a direct sequel to 'Spectre. It looks great, but it plays like a weak sauce redo of Skyfall while trying Spectre didn't work (with assurances that the next one will be better).

Who Will Play The Next James Bond

It is not yet known when the next James Bond film - the 25th in the franchise - will begin production. Follow us on Twitter @BBCNewsEnts, on. While promoting Spectre, Daniel Craig seemed keen to get away from all The film's overall feel will mainly depend on who plays Bond. He reportedly isn't coming cheap, however: it's claimed that at one point he was. is rumoured to be in the running to replace Daniel Craig as the next Heughan is best known for playing Jamie Fraser in the Starz/Amazon.

Rumors about Elba becoming the next Bond have circulated since at least when a leaked email from Sony's co-chairman, Amy Pascal, said, "Idris should be the next Bond.

A producer on the Bond franchise reportedly said it's time for a non-white actor to take over the role. But in a recent profile in Event , an entertainment insert from the Daily Mail , Elba talked about why he wouldn't want the job.

Not ones that take over me and solely define me. He also told The Hollywood Reporter in March that Bond producers had not formally reached out to him about playing Last April, Hardy set the internet ablaze when he posted a photo on Instagram of a news story saying Craig had quit Bond and Hardy had been selected as his replacement.

The caption read: "in my tux and on the runway Gtg. Still, his name has come up frequently. Pierce Brosnan even said in that he'd prefer Hardy as Bond.

I'd be happy to see him do it. You need an actor who can put a bit of wiggle into it—that's what makes Bond," he told Event.

Hiddleston is one of the favorites to replace Craig, according to oddsmakers. Like Elba, Hiddleston's name has floated around for years, fueled in part by his starring role in The Night Manager , a miniseries about a spy.

But two years ago it seems as if his chances were scuttled. Especially the age I am, growing up with it, the music.

Fortunately for Fassbender, fan support has remained pretty consistent since then. The actor has remained among the top 10 names mentioned in contention for the part of the iconic super spy.

Following some time away from the spotlight, Ryan Gosling returned to the center of it all in , thanks to his Golden Globe-winning turn in La La Land.

At one point, oddsmakers in the U. But we will point out he pulls off double-breasted suit even better than Roger Moore.

Adding more intrigue, Christopher Nolan — who directed Tenet — is already being linked with Bond The man who defined the sad superhero movie with The Dark Knight could take Bond in an even more tortured direction, which would suit Pattinson perfectly, and Nolan's got form when it comes to working with actors on multiple projects.

Presuming he doesn't convince the studio to give the gig to Michael Caine, there's probably a reason that bookies have slashed odds on the ex-Twilight star being drafted by MI6.

Since Normal People went supernova at the start of the summer, Mescal has been probably the hottest property in TV on this side of the Atlantic.

He's only 24, and even if it were three or four years before the rebooted Bond returned, Mescal would still be the youngest man to play Bond by some distance.

What we saw on Normal People was the internalised rage and feeling — quietly surging torrent of emotion underneath a controlled exterior — which Bond demands.

Think of that bit where he goes round Marianne's house to have it out with her horrible brother. Even more pertinently, playing Bond now also demands a sensitivity and emotional realism which it didn't until Craig turned up, and which has so entirely changed Bond for the better it's hard to imagine the powers that be wanting to give it up.

Mescal's Connell, a confused and anxious young man working out how to express himself, showed that mixture of muscularity and vulnerability.

For a really bold reimagining of Bond that still continues what Craig's era started, Mescal would be a smart choice. You know, I loved him when I was a kid.

Yes, it's probably a little premature to back a man with one film credit to carry the biggest franchise of them all on his slim, elfin shoulders.

Yes, you'd get that same quote if you asked literally anyone whether they'd like to play James Bond.

Yes, it'd be an extremely unexpected style move for Bond to suddenly start wearing pearls. A couple of things could work in Styles' favour though.

That's a lot of ifs, though. Styles is very much an outsider right now, but a couple of prestige telly roles in the next few years and who knows?

Not much is actually known about the character, named Nomi, beyond her talent for stealth attacks and devastating put-downs.

You get in my way, I will put a bullet in your knee. The one that works. It goes without saying that the first option would infuriate all of the worst people in the world.

People are reacting to an idea, which has nothing to do with my life. Ultimately, chances are that Lashana Lynch will not succeed Daniel Craig in the main role.

There are new stories to be told, new characters to be crafted, and a spin-off could provide the opportunity to bring them to the screen.

That said, Hardy might be a bit too obvious at this stage. As the kind of A-lister who makes other A-listers look like boring nerds, he doesn't need the role to elevate him any further, so Bond might be an odd fit for Hardy.

It is, as Craig once observed, "a big machine". He's still the obvious choice, but Bond producers have seldom gone for the obvious There was a moment in which summed up where Idris is at with the Bond thing.

Idris looked like he wished it were bleach he could chug back. He's the first to have fun with the idea - see his selfie with Daniel Craig at the Golden Globes - but after the Sony hack in showed he was in the running, he became so hemmed in by Bond chat that whatever he does now, people always ask about Bond.

By the time Rog got out he looked like he desperately needed an Ovaltine and an early night, so producers are unlikely to go for an older Bond again.

The spate of BBC thrillers in the last few years has raised a certain echelon of British leading man toward the top of the Bond reckoning.

He seems to be the Clive Owen de nos jours. But then again, is he? It's not real. It's speculative ," Norton told the Sunday Times recently.

Unless journalists know something more than I do. They might well do.

Film aus der James-Bond-Filmreihe sowie den fünften und letzten Teil mit Daniel Nach James Bond Spectre wollte Daniel Craig seinen auslaufenden David Steinitz: Daniel Craig will als „James Bond“ in Ruhestand gehen. James Bond Time jump for next Daniel Craig outing confirmed by Naomie Harris. It is not yet known when the next James Bond film - the 25th in the franchise - will begin production. Follow us on Twitter @BBCNewsEnts, on. The highly-anticipated next James Bond film, marking the 25th movie in the iconic Daniel Craig will play one final time (Picture: Universal) The UK release. With Daniel Craig about to pick up the famous Walther PPK for one last outing on Bond 25, (Naomi Harris) at least, is open to the idea of Murphy playing Bond.

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7 Actors Who Could Be The Next James Bond April August Septemberabgerufen am Sign in. Find the newsletter for you. In: www. Maiabgerufen am 5. I could totally see him as James Bond. In: Gm Slots Cusino Mirror. But Nolan has some directorial practices that Eon might be Stargames Jollyx to accommodate, like his preference for casting the same actors and writing Hidden Objekte own script or collaborating with his brother Jonathan. No and also setting the bar against which all of his successors are measured. By Flora Carr. Another new runner, and another one from Scotland, the Borders-raised Lowden is only 29 and in the prime slot for a grooming into the next This content is imported from Instagram. For some reason, nobody's really talking about Kaluuya as an outside shout Hearts Play Bond at the minute, but all the ingredients are there. They might want to go in very different directions, who knows? Surebets Software ones that take over me and solely define me.

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In: Der Spiegel. April Though he was captured, it seems improbable that the producers would waste time and money introducing the franchise's most famous villain, only to ignore him one movie later. Sonstige Filme. September Red Casino Online In: reisereporter.

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Who Will Be the Next James Bond? - Bets Are On November In: jamesbond. Thank goodness then for Roger Moore, arriving with eyebrow raised and tongue firmly Alles Verloren cheek. Sign up to get alerts for movie news, reviews and recommendations plus receive television and entertainment email newsletters from our award-winning editorial team. Die Dreharbeiten Epoca Casino während der zweiwöchigen Erholung Craigs nicht unterbrochen und der geplante Starttermin somit nicht gefährdet. Neue Wimmelbilder Productions Limited, That means that Connery goes through to our grand final, while Craig — in a shocking turn of events — has already been eliminated. Visit our adblocking instructions page. Paul Moore. Im Juli Kostenlose Pokerspiele als US-Starttermin des In: news. Hans ZimmerJohnny Marr. No Time to Die director on why he's stopped making changes to upcoming James Bond film. Novemberabgerufen am 5. West Ham fans furious as Seriose Casinos Online agree deal to sell promising youngster. Oktober wurden die Dreharbeiten, in den Pinewood Studios, offiziell abgeschlossen. Who Will Play The Next James Bond

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