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Then, press proceed to send the authors a message. Source, july 1971 3 Reads, publication Analysis, top Keywords electrophoresis agarose 12 agarose gel 12 analytical ultracentrifugation 8 analytical ultracentrifuge 8 serum lipoproteins 8 analytical 5 values 5 0867 alpha-lp 4 pre-beta-lp vldl 4 beta-lp ldl 4 0978 beta-lp. Serum triglyceride concentration was highly correlated (r.972) with the agarose values for pre-beta-LP; serum cholesterol concentration was correlated (r.673) with beta-LP. Load Form Load Form Follow us on Twitter or Facebook to stay on top of the latest in scientific research. Em- 3900Titan III Lipo Cellulose Acetate, 60 x 76 mm- 5805Electra HR Buffer, 10/pkg, titan III Lipo membranes are cellulose acetate support media used for lipoprotein phenotyping. Membranes are available in three sizes and are packaged 25 per box. Serum lipoproteins of five normal and 15 hyperlipidemic individuals determined by this technique were compared with values obtained by analytical ultracentrifugation. Electra HR Buffer is a tris-barbital/sodium barbital buffer for use in the separation of lipoproteins by cellulose acetate electrophoresis. The correlation coefficients were:.993 for pre-beta-LP.

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The reproducibility of the method is illustrated by 12 determinations in a single day on serum from one normal subject: mean total dye uptake was 302 /- 9 (sd "corrected dye units and the percentages of beta-, pre-beta, and. It is proposed that the standard curves of the comparisons with the analytical ultracentrifugal values be used to convert the corrected dye units of electrophoresis on agarose gel to mg/100 ml of specific lipoprotein. Lipoprotein values obtained by paper electrophoresis were also correlated with those of the analytical ultracentrifuge, but to a lesser degree (r.956,.691, and.786, respectively). Titan III Cellulose Acetate and HR Buffer for Lipoproteins. The Platinum 5 touchscreen software automatically links the data from your gel results with the V8 Nexus data, for clear and simple interpretation, with complete end-to-end patient ID and reagent traceability. From here previous patient history and results can be loaded for individual patients allowing for ease of interpretation, monitoring and reporting.

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